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Welcome to CHS Alumni Connections!

The official digital gathering place for Carrollton High School alumni

Connect. Inform. Involve. These are the overarching tenets of the Carrollton High School Alumni Association. Our alma mater's incredibly rich history, strong and focused present and eager anticipation of what the future holds continues to drive the tradition of excellence expected of her. But this reputation wasn't earned without the hard work and unbridled loyalty of CHS alumni. You are what made, and will continue to evolve, what we know as Carrollton High School. Please join your fellow classmates and those of other generations as we build this totally free, no-strings-attached online community. Register today!



Welcome CHS alumni!

This is the Carrollton High School Alumni Association's private, online community created exclusively for CHS alumni. It is a secure, password-protected environment. Unlike other alumni sites, this one is the official directory of Carrollton High School and not only serves as a place to reach out to other alumni, but it also as an archive for historical purposes. Your participation is greatly encouraged!

To begin building the archive, many alumni have been added to our database. We encourage graduates to search for their names, "claim" their profile, become a registered user and update with the information they would like to share. If you do not find your name, simply click this registration process link to get started. You can decide, with simple clicks, the information you want to be published publicly and what information you prefer to be kept in our database privately. It's up to you!

Once you register, an administrator will review your profile. Once approved,  you will receive an email with your login details.

Search for friends and make new connections!  All you need to do to take advantage of all the community has to offer is to proceed through the registration process to establish an account.

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Reunions and Events

Be sure to check out the list of reunions and events posted to the left in "Events".  If you are a planner of a future event, be sure to read "Event/Reunion Planning Details" for tips and information to make your event a success.

Site Administrators

Site AdminJulianne Foster, Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation executive director 

Rita Gentry, CHS Alumni Association volunteer coordinator 

Information Update

Keep your e-mail and mailing addresses current and you'll receive the details for all alumni information, activities, events, and reunions.

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Carrollton High School Alumni Association

The Carrollton High School Alumni Association, established in 1910, is charged with keeping graduates connected to their alma mater once they graduate. The alumni association, currently under the umbrella of the Carrollton City Schools Education Association, sponsors two programs: An alumni database (this website) and the Carrollton High School Distinguished Alumni Award, established in 2012.

Carrollton Alumni Pages and Links

Carrollton High School home page
Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation
Carrollton City Schools district website

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